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$45.00 CAD

Pen UNO is a sleek and super minimal all-aluminum pen. With only 5.3 mm in diameter, Pen UNO is one of the thinnest pens in production. The grip section is wider for a very comfortable writing experience and also doubles as a twisting cap to protect the pen tip when not in use. A few turns of the barrel will open or close the pen.

Pen UNO is perhaps the most minimal pen in the market. It is the study of liberating a pen of unnecessary parts and ornaments. The design aims to be a simple yet powerful solution focused on the details. 

Colour: Gold.
100% Space-Grade Aluminum 6061-T6511.
Length: 13cm (5 1/8in).
Width: 5.3mm (7/32in).
Weight: 10g (similar to a standard pencil).
Hi-Tec C Coleto gel ink cartridge, 0.4mm.
Also available in: Space Gray and Rose Gold
Photography and video by ENSSO.